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Hydrostatic Transmissions

Repair • Rebuild • Remanufacture • Exchange

Herrs Car and Truck Museum

Dedicated to the preservation and heritage of vintage cars, trucks, tractors and engines.


Herrs Machine started in 1969 by Lawrence and Cara in a 20’ by 30’ shop building behind their home.  They added on to it 3 times and finally built a new, larger building in 1988 in North West Washington Kansas.

Here  the company rebuilds, repairs and remanufactures hydrostatic transmissions, diesel pumps and motors and torque amplifiers. They have customers nationwide.

Lawrence was raised on a farm west of Linn Kansas where his father built a farm repair shop in 1929-1930.  This is how he got his hands-on mechanical learning early in his life where he built his first working small tractor when he was just 8 years old.  This tractor was gone for 50 years and now is in the building where it was made. This repair shop was disassembled and moved to Washington and reassembled behind the business.  His dad put up a wind charger in 1937 that powered the lights in the home and shop with batteries. Seventy years later, Herrs Machine installed a wind turbine that powers part of their shop  This was the first wind turbine in the Washington Kansas area.

Memory Lane

Over 100 vehicles and other items on display